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Join the Ullr & Skadi Club
For those who just can't get enough of winter at Roberts Farm Preserve

Do you bring your own skis or snowshoes to enjoy Roberts as much as you can each season?  Are you a regular at the ski and snowshoe shed, even playing hooky on powder days to take a run down the Lunch Trail? Then this club is for you! Represented by Norse Deities Ullr & Skadi, we celebrate the tradition of Nordic skiing and the winter history of Norway, Maine.

Join the Club and you'll receive a limited edition Ullr & Skadi sticker plus an invitation to our exclusive end of the year skiing party! (Think spring skiing conditions with loads of sunshine!)

Who are Ullr & Skadi?

Art by Nikkey Dawn


Ullr (ULL-er), in Norse mythology, is a somewhat enigmatic deity whose lore intertwines deeply with the winter landscape, particularly with the sport of skiing. Revered as a skilled hunter and a formidable warrior, Ullr is often depicted with a bow and arrows, signifying his prowess in hunting. However, it is his association with skiing that truly sets him apart. Ancient texts and artifacts suggest that Ullr was not only a master of skis but also a patron god for those venturing into snowy terrains. His very name, which is believed to stem from a word meaning "glory" or "brilliance," echoes the glistening snow-covered landscapes he traverses. Ullr's imagery often shows him gliding effortlessly across the snow, embodying both the joy and the challenge of skiing. This connection positioned Ullr as a crucial figure in the Norse culture, especially among those who relied on skis for transportation and hunting during the harsh Nordic winters. His legacy endures in modern times, where he is celebrated in various winter sports events, reflecting the enduring bond between ancient mythology and contemporary winter sports.

Art by Nikkey Dawn


Skadi (Ska·dee), a prominent figure in Norse mythology, is often recognized for her strong and independent character, as well as her connection to Ullr, the god of skiing. As a jötunn or a giantess, she embodies the raw, untamed aspects of nature. Skadi is primarily associated with winter, mountains, and hunting, making her a perfect companion to Ullr. Her name, which is thought to be related to the Old Norse word for "harm" or "shadow," reflects her fierce and formidable nature. Skadi is often depicted as a strong, skilled huntress, carrying a bow and arrows, and skiing through her mountainous domain. This portrayal not only highlights her independence and strength but also cements her status as a revered figure in the snowy, rugged environments of Norse mythology. Her legacy, much like Ullr's, continues to resonate, especially in regions where winter and mountains dominate the landscape.
(Ullr & Skadi Illustrations by Artist Nikkey Dawn)

About the Artist


I am a photographer, writer and ocean advocate. My work revolves around my appreciation for the natural world and my hope for us to live in harmony with it.

I aim to bridge the gaps between science and public awareness, environmental stewardship and outdoor culture. My early career experience as an outdoor, naturalist guide taught me that to get someone to care about nature, first you must help them connect with it.

I have a background in digital marketing as an editor, copywriter, social media manager, and graphic designer, which has given me a strong foundation to serve clients from. I understand how to create stories that are tailored to a target audience and that will be effective across a variety of mediums.

My life and career are built around the same passions, when I’m not working you can find me freediving in the kelp forests near my home or hiking one of the many coastal trails. I also run a community organization called SeaKin Collective, we empower women and non-binary people in water sports and ocean conservation through skill sharing.

I respectfully live on and draw inspiration from, the unceded, traditional territories of the T’Souke Nation and the Pacheedaht Nation.

To view Nikkey's work click HERE.

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